Updating and the Big MOA sale

The past few days have been so hectic so I only got to post today, so very early in the morning. I've been up since 2 am.

There will be some other posts that will be made today, as we rest and take advantage of the long weekend. but let me start with the BIG MOA sale.

I've seen posters all over the metro announcing the MOA sale from September 19-21. We were there yesterday to drop off lola and tati, and to have lunch before attending a party at Museo Pambata and it was a mayhem! It was so crowded people were getting impatient. Lining up at the cashier, waiting to be seated at restaurants...

We left after having lunch at Congo Grille but what do you know, went back again after the party. The "old me" couldn't resist not even attempting to look at what's on sale. =)

In the end, we decided to leave because it was difficult to maneuver a stroller in that crowd. But not without lugging something. There was a purchase, but it was something for the house. We got curtains and throw pillow cases. Yey!

Now, when will that house get painted so we can use the curtains.... That is the question.

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