Splash in the Pool

Our plans were pushed back further and further and so Jared only had his first plunge in the pool last weekend.

But the main reason why I was pushing for a swimming outing though it's technically the raining season already was because of a gift. A gift from his last birthday. A speedo rashguard from one of his godmothers. A gift I specifically asked from Ninang Marielle (thanks, Ninang Marielle!).

What a waste if he’s gonna outgrow the suit without even using it once. So, off we went to the land of Hot Springs: Pansol, Laguna.

The salbabida we brought had a hole so we stopped by one of colorful stalls to buy him a new one.

He was initially apprehensive of getting his body wet.

But with a little bit of prodding, and a whole lot of hugs and encouragement, he did venture out with us to the kiddie pool.

He and his dad had a great time in the pool

We only stayed at the resort for a few hours. Taken at noon, before the ride home.

I think he needs a few more swimming trips to be really at ease in the water. A trip to the beach next time might be in order.

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