Mommy Moments: Hat Day

It takes a lot of strength and patience to get my son to put anything at the top of his head these days. He is getting strong and will fling whatever it is placed on his head. I am fortunate to capture these priceless moments when he was younger.

At his 4th monthly check up with Dr. Alfiler at Medical City. This was a really cute outfit given by his Tita Menchu.

Playing at the garage when he was 9months old. He was too preoccupied here to notice the cap.

A newsboy cap that matched his tuxedo. I had this made by the MIL of Jacque of Partyboosters.

At his pre-birthday pictorial with his sailor costume

Want to see what cute hats the other kids donned? Click here.


Lynn said...

I love the candid shot in the garage. He seems so curious.

Here's my Mommy Moments for this week. Happy weekend!

nuts said...

i like his last photo in sailor costume!

happy MM!

Beth said...

Jared is so cute, with or without head ornaments!

Ganun din kids ko Les. Ayaw mgsuot ng caps now that they're older. Naiinitan daw sila. :)

Happy weekend, Les!

onlinemommy said...

I love his sailor outfit! He is so cute!

Mine is here

Happy MM.

Chris said...

i love the sailor outfit! it suits him!

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