Jared @ the Office

Jared has been to my office a few times. His first visit was when he was barely 2 months old and I needed to interview a candidate for one vacant position. He was mostly asleep the whole time. I just realized I wasn't able to take a photo of him at the office. This was taken on the way there though.

His next visit was on his 5th month, when I accidentally placed the cooler (with the bottles of milk inside) on an unstable ledge and it slipped, with milk spilling all over the place. That was supposed to be his milk for the following day. He was in the office for 2 consecutive days because I was adamant in not giving him any formula.

Then came our Halloween party for the kids.

And then again during the times no one will look after him at home.

Thank God the office(people) understands.

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