Our Saturday in Photos

Before he got a bit sick, my son enjoyed another Saturday, this time with the whole family (meaning mommy, daddy, lola and tati) at MOA.

We found a golf cart parked not too far from where we left the car. A future golfer, maybe?

He loves pretend driving so give him this wheel cum exerciser at MOA and he was in heaven. Lola took of his shirt, supposedly for him to get a full dose of the sunshine vitamin.

He easily made friends with this 3 year old boy and was tailing after him for some time.

Slide away!

After an hour a a half of pure playing, he was tired and wants to be carried.

Apparently, he was super hungry and ate with gusto at McDonald's after.

'Til next Saturday!

1 comment:

*mae* said...

Ang cute tlga ni jared! Alam ko na gift ko sa kanya sa xmas, steering wheel! hahah!

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