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My sister wants Jared to call her Tati. It's a shortcut for auntie, a sort of slangspeak for tita (just like how tomguts is for gutom or hungry), but mainly because if my son says tita che and shortens it to (ti)ta che , it doesn't sound nice. =)

My sister is my happy companion during the times I was on bed rest, having a difficult pregnancy.

She gave Jared his first ever gift Christmas of '07. Months before he was born.

It's no wonder she has a special love reserved for my son.

Here is Tati and Jared during one of his first visits to the pedia.

One proud Tati at the baptism.

On his 7th month celebration

During his first birthday.

Last New Year's Day.

She taught him words like no,no, no (with matching finger action) and wiggle your fingers and showers him with kisses as soon as she gets home from work.

So, Jared, be nice to Tati always. She loves you very much.

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Chris said...

it is great that you have sister.. she is such a blessing! :D

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