Looking for a file and MJ Night

I posted about my husband 'forcing' me to have a Michael Jackson night shortly after the pop icon's demise. MJ night means I have to watch all of MJ's videos with him. I was amazed at those videos, mostly because of the cost it must have taken to produce one (think Heal the World staged at the Superbowl) and it was relatively advanced for it's time (think Thriller, complete with MJ's transformation. I actually got scared of this video).

It was my first time to watch almost all of his videos. Yes, I know, I'm not really a big MJ fan, or music in general but his videos made me appreciate his music.

He downloaded most of the videos from rapidshare. That site was a great find but sometimes, looking for a particular file takes a long time. A friend pointed him to what works better. This Rapid share search engine makes searching for the files you need easier.

Now, he couldn't be happier knowing what he needs is just a click away.

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