Balikbayan Box

With millions of Filipinos seeking greener pastures abroad, sometimes, I think we're one of the few Filipino families without a close relative who is an overseas Filipino worker.

But before this post becomes a serious study on the pros and cons of working in a foreign land, I just want to say that I want to open a balikbayan box. Really.

The anticipation of waiting for that box at our doorstep, the joy of finding little treasures inside. I don't care if it's toothpaste, assorted candies, a few shirts, tubes of lipstick, hand sanitizers or even canned goods. I'm sure I will find some use for them all. Maybe, not for me all the time, but I can find them willing/obliging owners in a flash.

It's like being a child on Christmas eve again, opening the presents Santa left.

I'd like to think I am proactive. So, to make that little dream a reality, I can opt to do my online Christmas shopping early on Amazon, buy plenty enough to fill a box, have it shipped here and open my box with delight, as if I never knew what the contents were or convince, push, heckle one of my cousins to try and work away from home. Hay!

For now, I have this cutie inside my balikbayan box. No need to wait for Christmas!

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