Blessings and a New Found Faith

We visited a friend's 6-month old baby at the National Children's hospital where baby Matt was confined due to brain hemorrage. The operation was scheduled as soon as his vital signs have stabilized. I admire our friend Cris' full faith and acceptance of His will. I will probably be hysterical and inconsolable if I were in her place.

There was no guarantee of the operation's success but the doctors said it was better than doing nothing. Seeing the sleeping baby in the hospital bed at the ICU, and not knowing if this is the last time we will get to see him alive, I could not help but shed tears.

Matt has hemophilia, or in simple terms, his blood will not clot normally. What should've been a normal fall for other children became a life threatening situation for him.

That night, our family of 3 prayed like we never prayed before. Jared knows how to say Amen and that was his contribution in our prayer. We slept lightly, waiting for the news. Was the operation successful?

At 5 am, we received the text. It was a success. Matt was back at the ICU, and will probably stay there for the next 2 weeks to recover and for the doctors to observe him.

After seeing all of that, my problems and concerns seemed all petty compared to what their family went through. I realized we have a lot to be thankful for. Just seeing Jared healthy is blessing enough. Being a family is blessing enough.

Please pray with us for the complete healing and recovery of baby Matt and let us not forget to count the blessings that we all have.

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