The Entrepreneurial Spirit

It must be the Chinese ancestry, my mom's father being pure chinese, that runs in us motivating me and my sister in our pursuit of ultimate financial freedom -- this sentence is nice on the ears, right? haha. You see, Angkong was a runaway. He left Amoy at 17 with his brother to try his luck in a foreign land. He then set up a store where he met my grandmother, mamang. Their love story though merits another post so I'll reserve that more lengthy story for another time.

Back to the topic. When I was in HS, I sold chocolate bars to my classmates. My sister did the same thing when she was in HS, seven years after me.

In 2003, we started a joint venture. I designed statement tees, long before it was the rage. And my sister sold reversible bags she made herself. We didn't make much but it taught us hard work and the value of money.

Our humble little booth at the ATC, near Mardrigal

Now, my sister is behind Princessweds, home of beautiful of bridal accessories, and I of The Party Village, that caters to everything you'll need when hosting a party.

We invite you to head on over to our sites. There might be something there that you'd like.

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AEC said...

hi leslie! good for you, you have a knack for business! :) ako wala, buti my husband gives me advice. :) our salon is in escoda st (behind the phase 1 church) in bf homes, the name is angela's salon. still in the process of fixing up an old salon. do try us out sometime! ;)

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