Grocery Shopping with a Toddler

I've recently been to the grocery, with a very energetic toddler in tow. Here are some of my tips to make your time at the grocery a smooth one.

1. Do not bring a stroller. This applies when you don't have another adult with you. It takes a herculean effort pushing a squirming toddler in his stroller and a cart load of groceries at the same time. Place toddler on the cart but always keep an eye on him as they like to stand... or grab things on the shelves.
2. Make sure toddler is not hungry. Give him his snack right before you leave the house. Better yet, bring milk.
3. If you're going to take more than a few minutes, it might be best to bring a toy, lest he gets bored.
4. If he gets really bored, just allow him to help mommy push the cart. It will keep his mind off wandering around the place.
It was definitely an experience I will remember, and something I'm probably not doing again in a long time. =)

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

*mae* said...

hahaha! Grabe, parang gutom na gutom si Jared, walang patawad kahit noodles na nde pa luto.

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