Scenes from Shanghai

We were there less than 48 hours so I did not see much of Shanghai, except for the Expo venue and the very nice Mercure Shanghai (with the best hotel shower I've seen).

I should probably start writing about business travels, too since this blog is where I share our life stories. Dear Jared, when you get older, you'll understand why mommy goes away for 3, 5 or 10 days. I don't particularly like to travel because I get stressed (yes, from the packing, the checking in and all), mommy is usually asleep on the plane and there is nothing mommy looks forward to more than the trip back home.

Anyways, I took up Tourism as my major in college. After a brief stint at a hotel, I started working for this company already. The industry where this company belongs totally different from what I majored in.

Since a few years ago, by some twist of fate, and while still with the same company, I finally got the chance to be on familiar ground: our team is now supporting our affiliate hotels in the Western Pacific.

Just thought that little trivia will make this blog post more interesting. =)

So anyway, back to Shanghai, I don't have much pictures to show a lot of scenes from Shanghai. It just sounded poetic and wonderful.

In that 48 hours, we found time to squeeze in a fun night at Xian Tian Di, Shanghai's hot new district. Fun night!

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