Unsuccessful Tries

A few years from now, reading on my blog posts, my son might mistakenly think I am supermom. Although I would like to think so, I'm still a few-hits-here-and-there mom, baby.

So, here are our projects that were not so well-received, or those that did not look too good to warrant a separate entry, or both.

1. Superman cape
I used a really old, tattered white undershirt of my husband. The thing Jared willingly put on--but only few a few seconds. I don't blame him-- it doesn't make him look like a superhero at all.

2. Homemade Gak
This is a pinterest inspirattion where you form a slimy ball with glue as the main ingredient. We started out fine, but lacked glue so no matter how much cornstarch we add, the slimy thing just won't hold.

3. Captain America
Then to indulge in his Captain America fascination, I thought of bleach painting a shirt with the iconic star. This is another Pinterest inspiration.
The shirt looked pretty good...

Until I sprayed too much bleach..... and the star was literally wiped off.

4. Reusable Bag
Because I can't quite make up my mind if banning plastic and using paper bags is good at all levels, we tried to go a bit more and sewed our own reusable bag from an old tshirt.

This is my first ever sewing project, and the result was this really useful yellow bag my son uses to tote his toys around.

Sadly, it just didn't look too cute.

So, Jared, mommy tries hard in coming up with activities for us. It's just that mom isn't always so successful. =)

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