Stay Sane in a Crazy World

So, what is a girl (on a diet) to do when pressured and tired???  Hmm, I cannot eat the yema cake I so love, or the 3-in-1 coffee that has accompanied me through difficult times at work.

Hie off to the nearest mall and get her eyebrows done.

It's free and gives a much needed morale boost.

eyebrows almost non-existent. stray eyebrows yucky!
 After a few minutes.....

Well-groomed eyebrows make you look polished and ready to take on whatever life throws your way.

This is now my new favorite product. Even I can do it and believe me, if I can, so can you. =)

A very dramatic post for such a trivial matter eh =) Maybe this is what will bring me out of blogging drought.

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