Independence Night (First Time to Sleep on his Bed)

Last night was a bittersweet moment, for me at least.

It was the first night our boy declared, no make that trumpeted, his independence by declaring he will sleep on his bed.

It was my idea in the first place... to fix his room up. Get him a bed, store his toys in his own room. He's really kicking and slapping and doing all sorts of acrobatics while asleep that I fear I will wake up one day with a black eye.

While the said bed (just actually the mattress) was moved inside our room, I can't help but feel sad and sob that my little boy is really not so little anymore. We had been co-sleeping since he was a baby and his smell (no matter how sour it gets during play) comforts me. Last night as I watch him sleep on his own, I can't help but long for those kicks that come randomly at night. hehehe.

Maybe, I will return that mattress back to his room tonight.

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