A weepy Mother's Day Celebration

These days, my hours at work are simply overwhelming. So, the day before Mother's Day, I just wanted to be pampered, served and patronized.

As afternoon came, I felt nothing my boys didn't have plans--any plan. So I became weepy....
something the little one cannot understand.

"I am a good boy mom", to "I will make you happy mommy", but the mommy continued to weep until he probably exhausted his patience and started laughing. And laughing. Which made me weep some more.

I am set to cry myself to sleep when the daddy got up and declared we will go out for dinner.

Of course at that minute I stopped crying.

Although parking was a nightmare, we enjoyed a simple dinner at current fave Mary Grace.

I was all smiles throughout dinner, my crying episode forgotten.

The next day, father and son presented me with a nicely wrapped gift and a very thoughful card which made me smile more.

No, they did not buy it the day before. The daddy apparently went shopping with other daddy friends while I was on business trip.

While I probably got the same gift as the wife of another, my gift was perfet for me. =)

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