Our Divisoria Trip

I love Divisoria trips. For reasons hard to explain, my job requires me to go to Divisoria from time to time. Today was one of those days work-related tasks brought me to this shopper's haven.

Because I am leaving for a business trip tonight, I decided to take my son with me. To snatch a few hours more together.
confused whether to look at the cam or to feast his eyes elsewhere. we bought him sando (undershirt) for school.

We arrived too early, even before most of the shops opened so the first agenda for the day was breakfast at 168 mall.

The upper floor where the food court was was almost deserted. I was waiting for one of my favorite shops to open here.

I was able to get my errands done in a few hours.  This trip will be memorable as our first mother and son and lola Divisoria trip and because of one comment from the little one.

Recently, he learned the word "baho" and "mabaho" and has been using it in every other sentence.
Today, he made good use of it. Stopping at one stall to look at the wares, he said out loud "mabaho dito!".

Okay, let's go home baby before mommy gets into a fight.

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