Swimming Classes at Bert Lozada Swim School

For the summer, we were debating on soccer or swimming. Taking all things into consideration, we enrolled him at the Bert Lozada Swim School at Elizabeth Seton Campus Main.

Jared dislikes having water on his face, or head. Fact is, he doesn't like people touching his head. So I was nervous and asked for a trial session before paying the P4,500 tuition for 10 sessions.

Teacher Chris is an excellenty teacher, he has my son's full trust and Jared really looks up to him. I've seen how patient he is.

Jared says a lot, as in a lot, during classes. For example:

Teacher: Okay kids, bubbles, 5 times
Jared: Teacher, 2 only ha or on some days, I will do that tomorrow Teacher.

Here is our student on the first day of classes: in full battle gear!

Teacher Chris teaching him how to go down to the water/pool correctly.

Unsure smile as if to say,"Mom, do I really need to do this?"

Beginning to enjoy the exercises

A few days after, here is our confident little boy.

He has even taken to wearing his goggles while watching TV. Yay!


Angeli Cueto said...

Hi Ms.Les,

Didn't know you have a blog. I was looking for swimming school reviews and found this one haha! It's very helpful yay! I just hope Bert's school is still the same until now. Enroll ko po yung little boy ko this summer. Hehe!

Lots of love,
Anj (x-CIT)

Angeli Cueto said...

Hi Ms.Les,

Wow! Didn't know you have a blog. I was searching for swimming class review so and found this. It was very helpful yay! Hope they are still the same as I'm planning to enroll my kid this summer. ;)

Cool blog weeee bata pa ni Jared hehe! Thanks for the info.

Lots of love,
Anj (xCIT)

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