Hit by Mommy Guilt

As I watch my son peacefully sleeping, I kept thinking how busy I was that it is going to be June in just a leap and skip and I have not really given a lot of time and effort in thinking if I will enroll him in a different school or let him stay at his old pschool. That this morning was only the second time I brought him to his swimming lesson, and he was there an hour early for class because I had to be at the office. That we see each other and play for only an hour most weekdays. That I sometimes don'T have a minute to pick up the phone and ask how his day is going. I can't wait for August!!!

1 comment:

mapz said...

hugs, sis. :) I feel that, too, sometimes. Kung pwede nga lang talaga na nasa house lang ako. I'm sure Jared knows that you love him. :)

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