Toddler activities you can do at home

Exactly how does one keep a toddler preoccupied at home?

I have to give credit to mama, my son's grandma, for helping think of fun stuff to do at home.

Fish the worm. You just need shells, rubberbands and a stick. All items can be replaced by odds and ends from the house.

Gather all toys and let the child build (err, in this picture, make a mess)

Cultivate a love for reading. Have books lying around the house within easy reach.

Make faces. Here, Jared makes faces using clay for eyes and a pencil for the mouth.

Allot a time for praying.

Music Time. In their school, they have music (flute) time.

Make learning fun. Mama makes use of colored pens and cardboards to make letters. Jared knows all the letter sounds by 2 and a half and since late last year, can spell simple words.

Play ball. Who doesn't love this?

Play with popsicle sticks. He writes his name with it here.

Keep him busy. Let them participate in household activities. He helps pack away things in his Tati's room.

Let their imagination run wild. Here, he drags his grandma's bag all over the house. =)

1 comment:

Toni said...

FISH THE WORM!!! What a great idea. My son is only two, but I'll see if he can play this already :) Thanks for the inspiration!

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