A Different Kind of Shopping Spree

I have a lot of unfinished posts, with my sister's beautiful wedding being one of them.
Those would require more concentration and time to finish so let me post a quickie first.

I went on a shopping spree during Chinese New Year and it's making me all giddy today.
It's not clothes, it's not shoes nor bags.

Who does not need nore space in the kitchen? This slim cabinet fits the bill.
Love the adjustable shelves inside.

I really just went out to buy a filing cabinet but to the amazement of my husband who was looking for the filing cabinet when I got home, I needed a truck to haul my loot home (to be delivered today!)

Okay, walang kokontra sa locker ko. hehehe.
It's my dream to have a locker to serve as cabinet in Jared's room (which I would soon be fixing)

These babies would need minor repainting--I just might paint my file cabinet yellow, and Jared's locker blue. That woukd depend on how much I am up to sanding and refinishing these.



Faye Paras said...

hey les! nice cabinets! where was this? HMR?

Got to Believe said...

hi faye! at officebusters near madrigal lang. i had them painted this weekend and can;t wait to show the pics!!!!

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