Poem Recital Champion

Yes, my little boy bagged the 1st place in the first official competition he joined.

waiting for his turn with the other contestants

confidently going up the stage

showing off his 1st place ribbon

for those curious about what he wore, here's a better view of his spider costume. mommy fashioned this out from felt, and daddy's socks filled with plastic!

Hope you can view the video.

I was away on a business trip during this competition and I can only pray he'll do his "actions" because he never did during practice.

I was told our son gave a cute performance and stole the show. Good job, baby!


Nicole said...

Congratulations Jared! =)

Full Time Mom said...

Good job Jared, and very good job to the Mom of course!

Full Time Mom said...

Great job Jared! But most of all, excellent job to the Mom! She's my cousin btw.. :) --- Nina

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