Teaching my Son to Save

Yes, this a post about saving.

To those who know me, this may seem like a joke. But honestly, since I had a kid, I'm saving like there's no tomorrow.

Okay, trying to.

I remember the different schemes mama used when I was younger to encourage me to save. I will not say us because my sister is a good saver. Basta better than me.

Back to the scheme, mama used to say what I save, she will double the amount. i think this was in HS. Back tnen, I will save my allowance BUT I will use it to buy my obessions then: knitted socks and quilted bags. I always want new socks. Not sure why. No scheme, cajoling worked.

Mama said "ito lang ang hindi nya naituro sa akin". Ma, please add sewing, crochet and cleaning. Hehehe.

Back to the topic, we are now teaching our son to save. How? I said we have you put all our coins in the piggy back because that's what we'll use to go to Disneyland!

Two weekends ago, we cracked open 3 of his piggy banks and counted all the P1, P5 and P10 coins and we now have as our Disney fund P1,700!

Keep on saving, baby!

Ma, sayang walang pang Disney noon. =)

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