Before I get down to business, let me just post it here so i will remember this cuteness when my boy is a teenager and I have to ask myself where the hell did he come from? =)

Jared at 3 1/2 knows only a few Tagalog words. Not something I am proud of. I just realized how few last month during Linggo ng Wika when the teacher said they all have to speak in Filipino at school. I don't know if he even talked that day.

One word he sure does know is "magkano". He hears it from mama when they buy from the carts plying the neighborhood. Fish, vegetables, buko. You name it.

Then during that Tagaytay vacation, he saw the volcano outside our hotel room and promptly asked the room boy "Kuya, magkano the volcano?"

Okay, work mode now. Bow.


Faye Paras said...

Winner si Jared! I'm sure he's going places when he's older. Imagine wanting to buy a volcano at 3.5? Go for it Jared! Dream Big! Hihi. :)

Nicole said...

That was too cute! =)

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