Milestone Haircut

Kids' haircut tend to be expensive. Whereas my husband can get his at the neighborhood barbershop for P30, our son's haircut is I think about P280--and this is discounted already.

His hair grows unbelievably fast and thick so we had to bring him for once a month trims.

The expense we can take. What makes each visit something we want to avoid is is incessant crying (he threw up once) and the fact that since he sits on my lap during the process, the little hairs end up inside my mouth. If you are a mother and have experienced this, thank goodness I'm not the only one. And you will agree with me, that is surely not pleasant.

So, imagine my surprise last month when the boy agreed to sit by himself on one of those small cars and lasted the entire hair cut with no crying and not much protest (because there still is, a bit).

He still cringes at the sound of the razor, so the kind Kuya Gio went all scissors on him. It took longer but is definitely worth it. See the yellow thing he has on? It's put on like a shirt, different from the cape like thing that Jared clearly doesn't like.

Last month was full of happy changes and developments and I am loving it!

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