Is He Ready for a Pet?

I had my first dog when I was 11. He was Lassie (soo classic!), a great Dane and my friend and protector. I was heart broken when he died. We'd offer gumamela flowers on his grave at the back of our house.

After that, we'd have a string of other dogs, all loved by papa and me.

My husband loved dogs and would often tell of how he carried their askal to the nearest vet when this dog got sick.

So, we're happy that our son is starting to have his own affinity with dogs. Whenever he is at his lolo and lola's place, he'd play with the puppies for hours.

Does this mean he's ready for a pet? Nahhh. he's too young and I, the mom, isn't ready to have a pet at the house. We can barely take care of the plants!

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