Should I send him to School at 3?

If I had my way, I'd homeschool my son. But I have a full time, demanding job and I know I would never hear the end of it from family and friends so I'll concede for now and will enroll him in a traditional (or progressive) school.

Jared will be turning 3 on April and I haven't scouted for a school yet.

Of course, this still has no blessing from his dad, who if he had his way, will enroll Jared when he turns 5 already.

I need a school that:

is close to our home - he doesn't need the stress of long travel for preschool

does not look like a house - okay this is a personal thing and I know many good preschools started small and all but I personally would like the school to look like, well a school

teaches fairly well- with neighborhood schools, I know I will not get the best there is out there, but I'm okay with that given this is just preschool and they will just mostly play anyway

offers trial class- i'd like to see is he'll be comfortable in that setting

Jared had a few days of school last summer (and I only posted one picture--bad mommy!). He just turned two then and was the youngest in class. He barely sat on his chair (his feet couldn't reach the floor yet) and his fave part was recess. He was too cute for words. Lining up to get second servings of everything! But it was a good initiation for him and for me, too.

I'll visit some schools in the coming weeks but before anything else, let me show pictures of my school boy Jared:

before the class started

and he stands when everyone else was sitting down

i'd rather stay outside mommy

thanking his teacher with a peck on the cheek

eating time! yum!


I hope I find a suitable school for him.

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