There used to be a time when playdates were unheard of in the Philippines. The idea seemed absurd at first to me. I was "why do you need to set a date for your kids just to play?".

That is coming from me and probably my generation who stepped out of the house and voila, playmates everywhere.I remember summers when I'd spend an entire day hopping from one house to the other in the neighborhood, share a bottle of coke with my friends, eat chippy, play, fight, pull each other's hair sometimes, then play again. Ahh, those were the days.

Times have changed. As a working mom, I don't even know the neighbors that well. We just moved house but I am still very far from letting my son go to the neighbors to play. So, the idea of a playdate is rather nice. It would give my son a chance to be with other kids and give mommy a time for socials. You know, mommy to mommy talk. No holds barred on dentist appointments, pediatrician talk, feeding problems, school plans etc etc.

the venue: Mcdo ATC

my son

his playmates were





*ali, rocky, lucas and basti were there too. hay hirap to take photos with very active kids. =)

Now, for the mommy and baby pics

maqui and baby aki

faye and baby maia

lui and buwi

me and jared

shyne and red (left), with maqui and aki--hungry babies

And the whole South group

*sunshine and basti left earlier
*chie and lucas- lucas entered the slides na yata agad
*denise, rocky and ali-- so sorry guys my sister wasn't able to get photos of you


Louela said...

yey! been meaning to ask you about this.. but i'm shy.. heehee

thanks for the post sis.. 'til our next playdate. ;o)

sakto! kung kelan naman parang nagkalat naman ang pagawaan ng mga bata sa pinas (kahit saan ka magpunta.. ang dami bata naman) saka parang ang hirap humanap ng kalaro nila at viola! naimbento ang playdate.. teehee!

Madam Misis Mummy said...

thanks for posting! beautiful pics!

mommyerl said...

Si Maia lang pala ang girl. Next playdate sana makapunta kme ni kelsea :)

Fighting for Maia said...

Thanks for posting, Les! Can't wait for the next playdate!

Fighting for Maia said...

Thanks for posting this Les! Excited to see you guys on our next playdate! :))

Chie Vallesteros said...

Love the pics Leslie :) MIA ang anak kong makulit! See you guys again soon.

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