A Child's Kiss is Pure Love

We exchange a thousand kisses a day.

That may be an exaggeration but my son is really extra sweet.
He will request for a “tiss” (kiss) at random times, places and positions. He will force your head to turn in his direction—which is not so good especially now that I have a bad case of cough.

And he wants his tiss to land smack in your lips.

Can’t recall exactly when this kissing started but I do remember that at 9 months, we asked him to kiss mommy for a 9th month photo and he proceeded to lick my cheek!

He will kiss me…

… as soon as he wakes up
… in between bites of breakfast
… while playing
… before, during and after his bath
… when we sing songs
… when we leave for work
… as soon as we arrive from work
… after saying thank you mommy
… when I say great job
… when we watch this favorite Thomas tapes
… when we read a book
… when we change into his pyjamas
… when I say no. He’ll usually grab me, put his fingers on my lips as if saying “stop talking, mommy” and proceed to kiss me and sometimes nibble on my upper lips

Next time, I’ll really keep tab of the number of kisses we exchange in a day. It may not be a thousand, maybe the more correct number is a hundred kisses a day. But thank you baby, I will treasure your kisses forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

He’s not just generous with his kisses to me. His lola, tati and teddy are recipients of this wetness as well!

Vday 2011 when his daddy took us out for lunch

At MOA, 22 months

Memorial park kiss

McDo kiss. He's always happy when he eats breakfast here

kissing a toy at the kiddie salon

kissing his own teddy bear, 27 months

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