A Garden Transformed (in 4 days!)

It all started innocently enough. I wanted to buy some plants to add some green to an otherwise blah looking front of the house. The first time I went there, I had a grand time pointing to pots and plant vessels of all sorts and before I knew it, my bill already amounted to the total cost I was planning to spend for the "garden".

But a garden isn't a garden with just pots, right? So I needed to buy plants... and then came the stepping stones so the gardener suggested we turn the area into a zen garden.

I loved the sound of it!

So, we added more stepping stones,and pebbles. And of course, the requisite bamboo on the wall. Then, more soil, more stone and more pebbles.

Then, my mom suggested we fix the pathway at the side of the house. Great, I loved the sound of that, too.

So in the end, my pocket is sad but my eyes are feasting on a garden so nice it makes me want to just stay home and look from outside our window.

We're having a lot of last-minute fixes before our big move this weekend so there will be more before and after photo pics of different spots in the house.


Madam Misis Mummy said...

I think we found the venue of our playgroup. hahaha

popcorn said...

I love your garden! So pretty!

- Jean

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