Somebody Turns 2 1/2

His appetite is increasing and on special instances like this, we indulge his liking for all things sweet: cake, ice cream and more cake and ice cream.

He loves tsotolate (chocolate) and mamon and chamitos (chamito) and can drink all 6 bottles in a day if we let him.

Since mommy will be busy this week, we're taking the little boy out again this afternoon to make up for the time I'll miss spending with him in the coming days.

Happy 2 1/2 years old baby. We'll have a proper celebration next week.


ivymarasigan said...

wow big boy na! pahingi ng cake. happy 30th month! haha :)

Beth said...

Hi Les,
oo nga! busy kayo for the Pasig Run!!! By the way, I'll run there e. I hope to see you! :)

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