The Tale of the Single Polliwalk

I’ve lost sleep over it, checked it out a thousand times on the net, packed lunch for a few days so I can save up and finally bought the super cute pair of Polliwalks
the night before our group outing.

Then, the following day, we had breakfast at a very busy Jollibee along SLEX. After going back to the expressway, the other slipper is gone. With its twinkling light and price tag, it was a loss I’ll regret for the rest of the summer.

Lifetime of the slippers: less than 24 hours. Sad.

Polliwalks, me thinks, is a cuter version of Crocs.


*mae* said...

How much bili mo sa Polliwalks? May nakita ko multiply seller nagbebenta neto for 850/pair.


Got to Believe said...

ay shucks sa ebay ko binili mas mahal tapos wala na silang ganyang style

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