Belated Post: Jared's baptism

The two recent baptisms we attended reminded me of Jared’s own. He was a teeny, tiny thing back then weighing just 7 lbs at almost 2 months.

He was so fragile that out of his 20 godparents, only 2 attempted to carry him.

I don’t think I’ve blogged about it before so here are the pictures that day.

The church and reception venue, as well as most of the suppliers, were booked even before I gave birth. What a cute cake, right? =) That's my very own diaper cake creation. Mini diaper cakes with bear toppings adorned the guest tables. We later gave the bears away to the sponsors, and blue and yellow teddy bear piggy banks to our other guests.

Ehem, and mommy also designed the invites and the banner. Our theme was teddy bears and the motiff blue, yellow and brown. Bought my blue dress also before I gave birth and pulled something brown out of daddy's closet the day before the baptism. He thought themes were over after the wedding. By golly, you're all wrong 'ney. =)

Scenes from the church and the reception

And here are the two baptisms we attended.

As I'm a godmother, I helped my friend Cat with the preps such as the give ways for both sponsors (pink foil covered chocolate balls in glass jars) and guests (choc balls in a brown holder), the birdie designs and the banner and invites.

Cathy and Marwin's adorable Bianca

Ariel and Laurice's Cyrus. Laurice is a cousin and I helped decorate the function room at Kowloon West Avenue.

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