Dear Dad (Mommy Moments entry)

*My son at 2 years old babbles a lot and can already say up to 3 word sentences. He says Babbu to his Daddy for I love you and showers him with kisses but I know that if he can just speak, these are what he will tell his dad.

Dear Dad,

I love how you kept me warm and close when I was a baby.

I love our play time

I love that you go with mommy to take me for my vaccinations

I love our weekends by the bay!

I love that you change my diapers sometimes
I love our out of town trips

I love how you can put me on your shoulders for one awesome ride.

I love that you look at me with love

When I was hospitalized, I love how you made it fun and not scary for me

I love my birthday parties. Thank you for allowing mommy to prepare parties for me.

I love it when mommy thinks we look like a pair of mighty handsome gentlemen

When I don't want to swim, I love how you don't force me to, and our stay at the pool side was just as fun.

I love that you let me "drive" the car

I love you dad, now and even when you’re old and gray.Mommy and I wish you’ll have a great day with us on Father’s Day.

With much love,


seth said...

it really means a lot when the fathers of our babies spend time with them...Happy Fathers Day to your hubby!

Cecile said...

he is such a sweet little boy :-); and your hubby is am amazing dad!

Chris said...

wow, so sweet :) i am glad that daddy and son have many memories together!

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