Met my friend Marisse in college and we went through study groups, out of town trips, first boyfriends, the subsequent heartaches and many more shared experiences in between during those four years.

Almost 7 years after graduation, we started planning for our own weddings which were 3 months apart. Then came another shared experience, we got pregnant one after the other.

Our babies were born 1 day apart. Meredith (Marisse’s daughter) on April 1 and Jared on April 3, of 2008.

We would have wanted the kids to be close friends, too but they live in Canada while we’re in Manila. So, when they come to visit, we make the most of our time together.

when they were 9 months old

they came home to have M baptized. here i am holding her while Marisse held Jared

Looking forward to their next visit. Miss you guys!

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