A New Decade, a New Venture

I can't believe it's 2010 already.

Just as when we're beginning to settle into our routine again(after all the rush and frenzy of the holidays), Jared got sick and as I write this at the hospital lounge, he is peacefully sleeping, with no new bouts of vomiting.

I'll write about this hospitalization soon, but in keeping with my title, I'm posting pictures I'm so proud of.

Last December 19 and 20, the Party Village did the decorations of 2 birthday parties. And by the Party Village, I mean mostly me. I got help of course from some friends and of course the husband, who has no choice but to go along with me on my rakets.

My cousin's daughter's 1st birthday at Jollibee.

My friend Jillaine's daughter's 1st brithday and her nephew Zach's 7th birthday at Emp's and Mel's Patio, Cavite.

I hope we'll be able to go full blast into this soon. Please check my other blog, the Party Village for all your party needs!

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