Jared at the Hospital

When the New Year (and the New Decade) started, I had but one wish. For our family to be in better health than we were last year.

But then just a few days into the new year, Jared had a bad case of vomiting which promted us to take gim to the ER, and which resulted in his eventual confinement for a week.

Then, there will be his dad's scheduled gall stones removal by this month or next month.

Even with the above, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that we'll be less sickly this year. I'm starting my meal plan so we can have healthier meals in the coming days.

The good thing was that during our stay at the hospital, Jared was ever the active toddler that he is. He was all over the place--with the lounge and the elevator area being his favorite places.

he fell asleep after the IV was inserted. tired from all the crying. our poor baby

enjoying his apples on his hospital bed

at the elevator area

saying goodbye to the nurses

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