And he called me Hon

Last week, our son started calling me hon. It was hilarious. He copied the exact tone his daddy uses when he calls me hon.

He is really like a parrot these days, copying what we are saying. We have to be extra careful now on what we say.

And just so I won't forget the new words he has recently learned, here's a list of the words I remember with some notes:
- Ayaw to - for ayaw ko. He uses this line... a lot
- pasta - he loves pasta sans the sauce
- bananana- for banana
- shirt - everytime he says shirt, he tries to remove it, too
- eight, noun, tan - for eight, nine and ten. he really surprised us with this one. I always teach him the numbers one to five but of all the numbers, he picked up the 3 that I rarely teach him
- socks - with matching hand sign
- opo- we want him to really learn how to use opo
- sowee- for sorry. one time he accidentally hit the hand of his playmate. he said sowee without our prodding!
- daddy and manny - well, manny is for mommy i think. he also says manny sometimes for barney
- babo- for i love you
- ay- his expression when he dropped (accidentally or intentionally) something
- twee- for the number three
- wow- his favorite word for the moment
- sky - for sky--he just learned this word a few days ago
- up and down- he learned these 2 as we drive up and down the flyover
- iced tea- mommy bad. i let him take sips of my drink
- ice cream- he loves this
- plane- for airplane. hopefully we'll get to take him on his first plane ride this year
- swee- for see you
-le go- let's go
- hafa- high five
- si down- sit down
- attack- i taught him this word and he has not forgotten.
- come on

I'm sure i missed a lot of words but those stand out from memory and I'm sure there's going to be a lot more words to entertain us in the coming days.

Our son is growing up so fast and soon, he'll be regaling us with his stories.

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AEC said...

my son's like jared. ang daldal, daming words. parang hindi boy kasi very verbal na sila. nakakatawa the other day, he was calling the waiter, "kuya, kuya" hahaha.

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