My baby, the arrhae bearer

Last Saturday, we attended the beautiful wedding of my good friend, and Jared's ninang, Cathy. Cat and Marwin, both doctors, were blessed with beautiful weather to mark this joyous day. We were part of the approx 150 guests who were witness to their exchange of vows.. for richer or for poorer, until death do us part.

Since my little boy was part of the entourage as an arrhae bearer, mommy has to dress up a bit too since I'm going to accompany him on his first ever walk down the aisle. Technically though, this is the 2nd time he is part of a wedding entourage
(but the wedding of Ninang Shirl two weeks ago was short and sweet with no processional).

The ceremony was at the Magallanes church, cocktails at the Upper Lobby and the reception at the Conservatory of the Peninsula.

The scenario: I was trying to hold on to my son who was squirming in my arms, trying to get hold of the arrhae on the pillow mommy was holding while smiling for the cameras and silently prodding daddy, who was comfortably standing in the corner, to get up to take a picture of this momentuous event.

Luckily, we did get to smile for the cameras and amuse the guests a bit, thanks to my son who successfully kicked off one shoe right before we marched. Sadly though, daddy did not get the cue and I have no picture of our march to post here. We'll just wait for the official photos from Niceprint so we can get a copy.

We did manage to take a few shots right before the processional.

posing for daddy's cam

upside down

To Cat and Marwin, here's to a start of a great life together! Cheers!

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