Mother's Day takes on a whole new meaning

No, we did not spend Mother's Day at the mall, or with a cake especially for me. We needed to fix some things around the house, and I understand our priorities at the moment. We spent the morning cleaning our work-in-progress dream home and chasing our son around the house. Just the usual weekend for us.

This time last year, my son was just a month old. He was mostly sleeping and as much as I want to, I wasn't able to take a photo of us together ( a decent one). I could barely keep up with his breastfeeding schedule that time and I was too tired to even comb my hair for a nice photo.

This year, I've been a recipient of many a mother's day greeting again. I thank all my friends and relatives for those greetings but i think the sweetest joy will be to hear it from my son. I can't wait. Maybe next year, he'll be able to say happy already. =)

For now, i share with you a photo of how differently I see Mother's Day. It's a day made special with the love my son reserves just for his mommy.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there.


Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day, Les!

Spending time with your son is the true essence of Mother's Day. Enough of the commercialism for this day. :)

Thanks for adding me up already. I'll add you up din! Take care and kisses to Jared! :)

Beibi said...

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