Mommy Moments: Grandparents Bonding

My mom can't wait for the day that she'll hear the sweetest word in her vocabulary that her first apo will utter... and that is "lola".

To say that my mom loves my son is an understatement. She is crazy over him! Taking pictures of his every milestone and everthing else in between, or if not, then reminding me to be the one to take the photos. Her apo's picture is the one on her computer screen, and the proud lola gives snippets of stories and anecdotes of her apo's antics to whoever will care to listen.

I'll be forever grateful to my mom for saving my sanity in the first few days, or even the first few months, following my son's birth. When all those sleepless nights sent me crying with my son, mama comes to the rescue and makes Jared sleep beside her, giving me the much needed rest. This she does even if she also has to work the following day. On days no one will take care of my son, she volunteers to take a leave to do her grandma duties. May I also add she gave my son his first bath while I watched, simply too scared to do it, from the sidelines.

So, until that eventful day comes that my son will say "lola", lola gets the much needed love from hugs, kisses and my son's squeals of delight!

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☆Willa☆ said...

lola is so fond of her apo. :)

Princess Sarah said...

wow great Lola talaga, thanks for sharing... First time to visit here. Got a nice blog.

Here's my link:


Chris said...

wow~ nice pictures.. and i can say you have some great memories behind those pictures! thanks so much for sharing!!!

Miriam said...

God is so good to create Mothers! :)

Cecile said...

great pics with Lola here; thanks for sharing, dear!

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