Learning the Art of Bento Making

ENRICH is my word of the year. I am taking small steps to make sure I fulfill this goal/vision I set for myself for 2014. So, when I heard that the Bento Mommas are going down South, I immediately signed up for a crafty afternoon adventure.

I'm a work-in-progress mom (aren't we all?) and lately, I've been getting more creative in putting together my son's baon. A picky eater, he is not. It's just so terribly fulfilling and fun for me when my son says I make the coolest baon.

For a minimal workshop fee, we get to use and bring home the most essential bento stuff. Glad Kitchen provided another bagful of freebies for all the participants to take home.

I love freebies! We took home products from Glad Kitchen. Very useful stuff, indeed.

It's a very small class, and I thank our host MommanManila, for welcoming me and my son in their lovely home. You see, I didn't know anyone there, I just signed up and showed up in my desire to learn.

The Bento Mommas prepping for the afternoon

Bento Momma Kaye in action

With the Glad products, and the nifty tools in our starter kit, we were taught how to shape the rice. This is probably the only time when playing with your food isn't just allowed, it's actually encouraged.

My creation looked so promising =)

My son took a break from all the running and playing with the other kids to check up on his mom.

My 6 year old probably thinking what creature his mom created

My creation was cute until I started decorating the face.

We made a rabbit.  A scary one here, in my attempt to make it errr, cute. But hey, it is something I made and now I know how to shape and mold the rice, the monsters  shapes I can create are endless!

My 2nd bento creation turned out so much better! This is my bear-y nice sandwich!

After the session, we exchanged stories over merienda. Concentrating for more than two hours, even if I was putting grapes, and chicken and kiwi inside my mouth from time to time, will make you hungry. Good thing there's pasta from Mish and chicken from Marky's.The chicken was so crunchy I'm sure this is going to be something I can include in my son's lunchbox that he'll absolutely love.

And we shopped, too! What a complete experience! My son was so happy that the Star Wars set was available there. It's almost always out of stock at their online shop.

Thank you to the #Crafternoon group for  this workshop. Nice meeting you, MommanManila (not in photo) and MrsPCuyugan (right)!

The class picture

Photo credit to MommanManila



Michelle Aventajado said...

Thank you Leslie for coming and learning how to bento with us! I'm so glad you still came despite not knowing any of us in the Crafternoon group :-) Looking forward to more enriching experiences with you!!

Mommy Abi said...

Hi sis, n@wie Abi here. What did you use for the "grass" dividers? Yung green? Is that edible? Thanks!

Patricia Cuyugan said...

It was really great meeting you, too, Leslie! See you again soon. :)

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