6th Birthday Celebration: Legoland, Malaysia

It's funny how you often wish for what you don't have now.

Last summer, when it was scorching hot in Malaysia, I wished for cool weather. Now that it's typhoon season in Manila, I am longing for the bright ray of sunshine to cheer up this gloomy day.

Legoland was the most awaited part of the trip by the youngest member of our 4-person tour group. I was itching to scrap this off the itinerary before because I couldn't figure out how we can get to Malaysia in a very convenient way. We still ended up taking the bus, but no regrets, if it was the trip highlight for this boy, then it was mine's, too!

Ready for Legoland!

We went on a Wednesday, no lines on the rides.

If you are celebrating your birthday, go to the Guest Services Offices. The entire staff sang Happy Birthday to the surprised boy and gave him a birthday pin. Thank you for this, Legoland. It was a nice touch.

Our first stop was the Driving School where you can actually drive a Lego car. My son has probably dreamed of this even before he thought it was possible.

Concentrating on driving. We got him a driver's license after this as a souvenir of this trip and to make the experience more authentic.

It was really hot and we took refuge in the airconditioned food courts.

The sights

The shark ate him. =)

Are these regular legos? The structures look amazing.

Tried the rides. Most of them are okay for the faint of heart. I screamed a lot though on the roller coaster ride for kids and won't post my too funny, see my tonsils picture here.

Another ride. Forgot the name, but I welcomed the aircon!

Our view at the top

Pictures of the miniature village where only the dad dared to really stare at (again, too hot)


Again, it was so hot I happily stayed with him to build legos here.

While we appreciate not having to line up to try the rides, it would have been more exciting and fun if he had playmates in this nice play area.

And so serious about shopping! I will be too when I'm only allowed to buy 2 items =)

A good background but no thank you, I wasn't ready for the ride. =)

See you again, Legoland! See you again soon, sunshine!

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