Finally Learning How to Swim

I am finally writing about this because the rain, from where I am, seems so fierce that I might have to swim going home later =) Signal #1 is up. Typhoon Glenda is in Manila.


They say the third time is the charm. In our case, it is!

Last summer, our boy learned how to swim.

Our first try

By the 5th lesson, only his chin will be submerged every time the coach says "bubbles".

I got very frustrated. At 6, I felt he should at least make more progress than when we first enrolled him two years ago. Out of frustration one afternoon, I packed our bags, asked the daddy to drive us to a public pool, and threatened him that we will not leave the pool until he learns how to float. Bad mommy. Tsk, tsk.

With a bit more understanding and patience and the guidance of a new coach, he's taken to the water like a fish.

Now, he takes some lessons from a former Olympian!

Each school is different, with their techniques, their approaches to swimming. Each kid is different, too. I'm just so happy we found the perfect fit for him last summer.

My son learned swimming and added a load more confidence in his arsenal but I think I had the bigger take away.

What this mommy has learned in the process:

- Kids learn at different times. Lean to listen to them.
- Be patient. I think I already am where my son is concerned. Extend your patience, double it if needed.
- Don't force your kid. They will do it when they are ready.
- Always be gentle and kind. It's what a child needs.

Keep safe and hope you stay dry! =)

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