6th Birthday Celebration: Around Singapore Day 3, Singapore Zoo

A few months after our 2006 wedding, the husband and I visited Singapore and had the greatest time. My favorite was our day at the Zoo.

Because he loved Manila Zoo so much, I just know the zoo trip is an absolute must.

We scheduled this visit on a weekday. After an MRT and a convenient bus ride after, we arrived to our destination on a semi-cloudy morning. 

Dressed in long pants because I was afraid of mosquito bites. Every inch of our exposed skin was doused with insect repellant because you can never be too sure.

After the requisite picture by the entrance above,  we started our day of exploration and wonderful discoveries.

Get a map. The place is huge and you need to strategize. Be at the right place at the right time.

Check the show and animal feeding schedules.

At one of the shows in Waterworld

With grandma while waiting for the Polar Bear feeding

If you don't have an unlimited tram pass, this can save you maybe kilometers of aimlessly walking. And please wear comfortable shoes, apply sunscreen and this is what I forgot, bring hats!

Our ticket only included one free tram ride

Unless of course you are a happy bouncing rabbit like this one
I love my Canon G15! Look at these photos. I'm getting the hang of taking better pictures. 

 Almost giving up with the heat, I almost asked, no wait, begged the boys to  go home. Good thing, we passed by a group of tourists and curiously looked at what the commotion was.

This is an experience that's hard to beat. We fed a herd (is that the proper term?)of rhinos! A basket of fruits is $10 but look at that sheepish smile on his face. He does that when he's extremely pleased with himself.

Still feeling a bit scared here. I mean, even I was afraid. These are really big animals.

Daddy giving a little push

How many times in your life can you feed a rhino? They look fierce but all gums and no teeth.  This must be one of the highlights of our trip.

We love Singapore Zoo!

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