Tagaytay-Canyon Cove-Nuvali Adventure: Canyon Cove Leg

Part I of our adventure is here.

Less than an hour after Tagaytay, and with tummies full from our late breakfast, we reached our destination: Canyon Cove.

Our Family Room
Our group is composed of 4 adults and 1 kid. The master's bed was big, soft and comfortable, and the the seating area by the window could fit in 2 more, if needed. There is a masters bathroom, a living area, a small dining table, another seating area by the living room. The kitchenette has a microwave, a mini fridge and an electric kettle.

The best part about this unit is the balcony which spans the entire length of this room. It gave us a full view of the peaceful beach and the glorious sunset that only eyes on vacation can fully appreciate.

For me, this place is so picturesque. We booked in November, and on our first afternoon there, we had the beach almost all to ourselves. I love the open-air reception area with high ceilings and the big, big pool.
This post was long in the making because it's so hard to choose the best pictures from those 2 days.

It was a relaxed weekend, just like how we intended it to be.  All we did was go to the nearest town to eat our meals (food at the resort was not spectacular), swim and sleep.

The town if I remember correctly is about 10-15 mins away, and we ate at Chowking and Mang Inasal. We took our breakfast at the resort though.

Gave us nice spots to take pictures, too!

I liked this beach better than the ones in Laiya and for the price we paid, the relatively short distance from our place, we'll surely be coming back. As I write this, I already have 2 more vouchers for another stay at this place.

The following day, when the sun cheerfully greeted us at dawn, we took that as cue to come down.

The pool was almost empty. But the guy had an agenda in mind. This playground proved to be too irresistible to our boy.

This was also our first out of town trip with his lolo and lola.

My favorite shot from that vacation. Our boy now considers Canyon Cove as his happy place.

Take me back to the beach, please?

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