Giddy and Excited (still over a chair... and now a pillow)

This has gotten me over a week to post but still...  I am giddy, happy, skipping to places. I'm like a child given a lollipop.


One of the blogs I stalk, and one of my DIY idols, young couple Sherry and John of Young House Love posted this on their blog recently.

Check Item #1: the pillow.

I stared hard and long at that pillow. Admiring it. Until it dawned on me.....

Our new dining room chair upholstery is made of the same cloth! The very same.

Yes, this Divisoria bought, P25 (or was it P35) per yard find was on the wish list of my DIY idols.


This is really made my day. Scratch. Make that week.

Scratch. Make that year. I end this post with a big, big smile.

1 comment:

mrsmommyholic said...

Hi Leslie! Wow, I'm also a fan of Young House Love and I can't believe our cheap fabric find is featured on their blog! I should have bought more of that fabric! =)

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