Arts & Crafts: Soap Making

Friday nights = cramming for last minute arts and crafts inspiration on the net. About three weeks ago, it was all about hand made soaps. We're doing a lot of improvements in the house and needed to cut on costs, I have all the ingredients on hand, and I never liked the commercially available soaps anyway so here's a perfect Saturday morning project.

How to make your own liquid handwash.

1. Fill your tummy and then lay down the ingredients on the table.

- a bar of your favorite organic soap ( we used Giga spearmingt soap)

- a few drops of glycerin (available at Mercury Drugstore)

- a cheese grater, a pot of water and a wooden spoon

2. Grate the bar of soap

3. Pour the grated soap on the pan. Bring to a boil and make sure the last string of soap is melted. Ang kalat ng counter! Pardon the mess.

4.  All a few drops of glycerin to make it thicker. Let this mixture stand for 24 hours. It should get cloudy and thick after a few hours and should have the consistency of phlegm (hahaha)

Okay, ours never did. We probably used too much water. It smelled good though so we poured them on recycled but personalized pump bottles.

Next time, we'll use two bars of soap intead of one.

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