Arts and Crafts: Salt Dough Ornaments

Our usual weekend crafts are simple and requires materials you might already have in your cupboard. This one is easy, but messy.

Nevertheless, it was an afternoon filled with flour, messy and one happy kid.

Our salt dough ornaments are still unpainted as I type this, more than a month after we made them. Once we perfect this, we'll have our own personalized tree ornaments for 2012.

So looking forward to that.

Prepare all the materials and ingredients: salt, flour, water, stamps and mixing tools

These big plastic letters in my craft box came in handy, as well as these love-themed stamps

Mix everthing together

Knead and knead. This is the part the little boy enjoyed the most. It was the most messy part!

Then, roll with a pin or a bottle and cut into circles

Stamp, mold to your heart's desire

Get a chopstiick and poke a hole. Make sure it goes all the way through.

Tadah! All ready to bake in the oven!

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