The Wonders a Small Can of Paint can do

I've been on a DIY hiatus since my cloth covered light switch project failed dismally. The plate looked more dirty than when I started that I chucked all my lined up projects and swore to let the professionals do the job.


I cannot let several yards of cloth go to waste, and my hands were itching to do something creative again.

So one weekend, I picked up where I left off and continued my home office project again.

The chair, unpretty in black paint and covered with a pale orange syntetic leather material turned Heima-ish with a good spray of white paint, P40/yard Divisoria sidewalk cloth find and loads of determination.

Next stop, this matching dresser that I will turn (cross fingers) to a pristine white work desk with chalkboard

Then comes a matching desk lamp and area curtains.

It's all starting to take shape!

1 comment:

irene said...

great job! cant wait to see your other DIY projects

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